Gifts Packs for Knitters!

Island Yarn

$ 75.00

Having owned a retail yarn shop for 10 years now, I'm well acquainted with the trials of loved ones trying to buy yarny gifts for their much loved knitters.  It is much like an inquisition..."How long have the been knitting?"  "What do they seem to like to knit?"  "What are their favorite colors?"  Sometimes, just these initial three questions makes the gifter look like a deer in the headlights.  With that in mind, we've put together these gift packs for easier shopping this holiday season!  (Knitters...add to your wishlist by clicking the heart...then share with your friends and family!)

Each gift box includes one of our fantastic kits, a cracker packed full of goodies, our own Ready, Set, Knit - a fun, new game for knitters, and a giftcard - because no matter what, your knitter will always want a little freedom to buy their own yarn!  There are a few "No Giftcard" options as well, but really, knitters LOVE the giftcards!

We've also set these up so that you get FREE shipping on each and every one!  If you want it shipped directly to your knitter, please include their address in the shipping and any note that you might want on the card.  Also, if you have specific colors in mind for the kit, please include that in the notes...otherwise we'll send the most popular color choice along to save you the headache of figuring it out.

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